So you're ready for a healthy lifestyle...head to the gym on your way home from work. We've developed this workout generator just for that reason. Everyday, before you leave the office come here to print out your workout program for the day. The resistance program generated is designed to fit within an hour.
BEGINNERS or FIRST TIME BACK: If this is your first time back to resistance training ease your way back into it by choosing muscle endurance and use a rest time of 30-90 sec instead of what is suggested. Choose this setting for the first 3 weeks of consistent exercise to give your body a chance to build/rebuild it's base strength. After this time choose whichever settings you desire and follow the program as specified. :)

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  • This generator contains a database of exercises that us Healthy Cubicle trainers often give to our clients.
  • Choosing the same specifications 2 days in a row will not give you the same workout. So visit us daily to generate your workout       for the day.
  • All exercises prescribed can be modified for both advanced and beginner exercisers.
  • If you are unclear about any of the exercises, be sure to a contact us here at the Healthy Cubicle, we'll be more than happy to       answer your questions. :)
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