• Poor sitting posture and poorly designed workspaces are major causes of neck and back pain, and the main reasons for lost work time. An ergonomically friendly setup increases productivity, and reduces your risk of repetitive strain injuries such as carpel tunnel syndrome.

  • Take a minimum 5 minute break for every hour you work. During your break, walk around, stretch out your muscles, mingle with co-workers, get a drink of water! Even better, follow one of our short but very effective Healthy Cubicle videos.

  • Here is a diagram of a general guideline to a more ergonomic workstaion setup. However, as much as we want to find the ideal position to be in, the truth is this, any fixed posture that we assume for long periods of times will cause strains in contributing muscles. Alot of times we change positions in our sleep more than we do at our desk!

  • For a full article on office ergonomics check out our articles section.
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