Take your corporate team to the next level with sport specific training programs. Our trainers will go to any location that suits your needs. If you don't have a location in mind we have our own home base indoor and outdoor facilities in the GTA. We will provide the necessary equipment and choose the appropriate facilites based on your sport and team goals.

HC personal trainers are national certified Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultants (PFLC) through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. PFLC's possess a university undergraduate degree in the health and exercise sciences. Not only do HC trainers have extensive experience in working with both elite and amateur athletes, they are all athletes themselves.

Meet our top HC trainers here.

4 wk training for adventure racing: biking, paddling and running

Accelerate your individual and team output through dynamic interval training that focuses on core strength, functional endurance and movement specific injury prevention!
$400/ team of 4 for full 4 wk program*

4 wk coaching or training by professional level players and provincially certified coaches

This inclusive training series will provide instruction on power and agility conditioning as well as exercises on volleyball skill improvement. Emphasis is team determined.
$600 / team of 6 for full 4 wk program*

4 wk dry land training for paddlers

Increase your stroke power through core conditioning and movement specific strength and endurance training! Special emphasis is placed on symmetrical body power.
$100 / participant for ful 4 wk l program*

4 wk conditioning for field sports: ultimate, flag football, soccer

This series emphasizes acceleration, angular movement, balance and coordination as the key components of agility and uses strength and power training to improve speed in multi-directional planes.
$100 / participant for full 4 wk program*

* Prices are based on 1 session per week. If you have a large group (10+ participants) please contact us for a special group rate at getfit@thehealthycubicle.com

Time saving, effective workouts to get the success that you're looking for.

If the packages above don't suit your needs, contact us and tell us what does. Or if you'd like to just see what we're about before introducing us to your team, try a single session.

Individual sessions include pre and post fitness evaluations, and are dynamic and innovative.

Prices for our packages and individual sessions range from $65/hr - $100/hr and are based on peak hours, location, and # of people.

Email us for a quote at getfit@thehealthycubicle.com

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